Van Life Starter Pack

Van Life Starter Pack

Will & Wind came about from our own #vanlife experiences.
We understand the importance of SPACE & WEIGHT when your entire life needs to fit inside a moving home.
Not only that, every item must be practical and have a PURPOSE to make the cut!

The 'Van Life Starter Pack' includes-

4 x Eco Friendly, Sand Free, Quick Dry Travel Towels that weigh less than 270g each and fold down to 1/8th of the size of a regular towel. Used for baths, showers, beach, pool, gym, camping, fishing, boating, cleaning and more.

2 x Quick Dry, Ultra Absorbent Tea Towels, since renamed as Multi-Towels because of how multi purpose they really are. The dishes are just the beginning..

1 x Family Size Water Repellent Beach Mat that folds down into itself nice and compact with carry handles, 4 metal pegs and a spill cloth. Our Beach Mats can be thrown down on any wet surface, wet sand, wet grass, the PVC backing prevents water absorbing through from the ground and keeps you dry. The top side is designed to prevent spills from soaking though and staining. Liquids beads on top and wipe up for an instantly dry feeling mat. Weight 1kg

All designs feature iconic Aussie destinations

The perfect starter pack for your travels!

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