Our Most Memorable Moments...

Our Most Memorable Moments...

We’ve been reflecting on the year that has been and the amazing moments in our lives that we wouldn’t have experienced if it weren’t for Will & Wind.

One of the most memorable moments for us was walking along Kings Beach headland and seeing one of our towels hanging over a seat inside someone’s car. Such a pinch me moment! This was the first time we had seen one of our products ‘in the wild’ that belonged to a complete stranger. At that point Will & Wind had only just begun, just a side hobby which started out as a way to express our creativity. 

Since then, we have spotted Will & Wind products all over Australia and finally found the courage to go up and meet people we see using our gear. We’ve formed the most amazing relationships with people all because of Will & Wind! 

Another memorable moment in January 2021 was when we ran a week long scavenger hunt for Australia Day. We connected with some of Australia’s most popular outdoor/adventure influencers who hid Will & Wind towels in every state and then posted clues to find them. Receiving videos of people running around the country trying to find our hidden products was the most rewarding experience; we couldn’t believe how many people were out looking for the hidden products and participating in a game on social media. It was so much fun and something we will continue to do as we travel around Australia.

Many more memorable moments are being created right now! The decision to hit the road again full time, taking the business on digitally, working from anywhere and everywhere in Australia, watching our kids grow and spending this quality time with our family has been a dream come true and by far our favourite moment of all. 

Will & Wind wouldn’t be what it is today without you guys! We love your eagerness to learn about our new products and your willingness to participate in all of our challenges online. You make this business magic and we appreciate every single one of you! Thanks for being here and riding this journey with us.

ABOVE: Customer spotted us in 1770
Later met the family in 1770 and then again in Yeppoon!

ABOVE: Spotted a family in our gear down at the beach in Caloundra

ABOVE: Meeting new friends and Will & Wind customers in the Whitsundays

ABOVE: Our family and our 'home on wheels'
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