UPDATE - Our restock was due in January 2020, unfortunately there has been a hold up with the current Corona Virus epidemic. We will not be importing our stock into Australia until we can confirm the virus has been contained, or proof that it will not spread further via products. Our priority and responsibility is the safety of YOU GUYS.
Once we have received confirmation of this, you will see a restock of Great Barrier Reef, Blackspot Tuskfish and a whole bunch of very exciting NEW designs!
Thankyou for your patience, we can't wait for you to see what we've been working on!


Light weight microfiber towels, designed to roll up 
into a travel easy, compact size.
Beach days, boat days or travelling.. wherever you're
headed there will always be enough room in your bag for a 
Will & Wind towel.

Made from the perfect blend of Polyester and Polyamide these towels are super absorbent, yet quick drying. You can leave the sand at the beach too, as it easily shakes off.

The difference is in the designs -
All of our patterns already exist in nature. 
All we do, is capture them and represent them in our products. 

Customer Reviews

On a recent trip with carry-on only, these towels packed so easily & dried quickly. Light weight for the camper as well. Love them!

Anne Griffiths

Not only are these prints vibrant and amazing, they are seriously like magic.. sucks up all the water then you can ring it out and they are pretty much dry! Great for the pool, beach, everyday use and especially travelling as they fold down so small.

Jade Dean

Best travel and workout towels! Light, thin and quick dry!
Love them!

Angela Morris

Perfect for gifts, camping, workouts and goes into my suitcase every time! I absolutely love mine!

Stacy Griffiths