Our Top 10 Travel Essentials

Our Top 10 Travel Essentials

We often get asked what our ‘travel favourites’ are, the things we can’t live without whilst on the road full time.

If you asked us a few years ago, pre-kids, our answers might have been a little different and the list probably smaller but we’ve rounded up our top 10 travel essentials over the following categories:

  1. Lifestyle 
  2. Practicality/Functionality
  3. Family 
  4. Fun 

These are the categories that matter most to our family and the minimalist lifestyle we live by! (All of the products mentioned are linked, if you click on the title of each item you'll be able to shop and check them out!)

  • Will & Wind Towels
  • Obviously we have to include these! They are our number one most used item in the van. We use them for everything; beach, bath, exercise, cleaning, blankets, table cloths.. literally EVERYTHING. They keep the sand out, dry quick, take up the least amount of space and weigh next to nothing. All of these things are ESSENTIAL for travellers...that’s why we made them that way!

  • Dog & Gun Coffee ‘Pre-Loaded Drip Filters’/ Dog & Gun Whole Beans
  • Coffee is life. Without coffee there is no life. Our days NEED to start with a good quality cup of coffee, our go to is Dog & Gun. When we’re in the van with our coffee machine we use Dog & Gun whole beans and if we’re camping we’ll use their pre-loaded drip filters. Both are amazing, super tasty, with the right amount of KICK and an all round awesome company!

    Dog and Gun Drip Filter Coffee

  • YETI Water Bottles, Coffee Cups & Stubby Coolers
  • Our everyday family routine is to make coffees and go for a morning walk or bike ride together. This is our most productive time for a ‘morning meeting’ to plan out the day for business and personal life. Our Yeti mugs keep our coffees piping hot and they reduce single use throw away cups. The insulated water bottles stay ice cold and are TOUGH to survive children and our outdoorsy life. And of course we have to include the stubby coolers, they are as good as the rest of our YETI range! Perfect for the evening sundowners; beers, ciders, ginger beers, you know the drill..

  • Makita 18V Blower
  • This is one of those items that Chris wanted but I could not for the life of me see the potential… I now eat my words, the thing is bloody amazing and so practical in the van! We blow absolutely everything; our campsites, the sand out of the van, off the bed, the car… We’d be lost without it! Get yourself one of these if you travel full time like we do or camp frequently, such a good investment! 

  • Body Board, Spearfishing Gear, Fishing Rods
    Living in a small space with each other and the kids, it is so important to have your own time doing something you love. This for Chris is out in the ocean, whether it’s surfing or diving. Chasing waves or fish to eat, the ocean is his place. Our kids are also thriving on learning these skills out in the ocean, we love hobbies that keep you active (and feed you!)

  • Canon 5D Mark IV Camera
  • We are both passionate about photography, 98% of the time you will see one of us with a camera in hand. Will and Wind allows us to combine our passion for photography with our practical products by utilising our high quality images as unique designs on the towels and beach mats.

  • ‘Nauticam’ Underwater Camera Housing 
  • The cool underwater shots and videos you see us post are made possible by our Nauticam housing. I would say Chris lives 78% of his life under water, he has so much incredible, unseen footage that we can’t wait to release. It’s a different world down there which many don’t get the opportunity to witness. The housing helps us to showcase this in a beautiful way.

  • DJI Mavic Pro 2 Drone
  • How fun are drones! Such a cool way to see something from another perspective. We have been able to get shots that we never thought we could have without a drone. 100% recommend investing in one if you’re serious about travel & photography!

  • LEGO!
  • Our kids live a very minimalistic life, they do not have many ‘toys’ but LEGO is one we all love, from the toddler to the 33 yr old. We are continuously blown away with the imagination, creativity and open ended play it inspires.

  • JBL Boombox
  • Along with coffee, music is also life. We have tried a few different bluetooth portable speakers in the past with JBL coming in as the best. Our great big Boombox has USB ports at the back to charge our phones, 24hr battery life, it’s LOUD (can hear the music over the boat motor) AND it really is waterproof - we spray it down with the hose no worries!

    Let us know if you use any of the same travel essentials or if you have any you think we would like?

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