The 'Heart Reef' Community Towel

The 'Heart Reef' Community Towel

Guys, you're about to make Will & Wind history!

The first ever community created travel towel is here! 

If you follow us on Instagram you'll remember that earlier this year we put a call out to YOU, our followers, to see if you'd be interested in helping us design a Will & Wind Travel Towel. The response was an overwhelming 'YES'! But if you're new to this story, let me paint the picture... 

Chris & I had planned for years to photograph the gorgeous 'Heart Reef' in Airlie Beach but we never fell into the right circumstances. A few months ago on our family travels we realised we'd be passing through Airlie Beach & jumped on the opportunity to book a doorless helicopter flight to get the shot we've always wanted! We needed a clear, non-reflective shot for our towel & Chris was on a strict timeline to nail it because we were paying by the minute for this helicopter pressure!

A few minutes into our ride, our hearts sank as we saw a huge storm-front sitting directly above the reef; thankfully as we arrived closer the skies cleared and we scored absolute perfect conditions for our shoot! Chris got some amazing images & once we were happy with what we'd got, we relaxed! The rest of the ride was pure magic & one of our favourite experiences to date!


Cut to us landing...we were on such a high from the ride that we got on Instagram to share it with our followers. Little did we know people would be so invested in our trip; I put a call out to see if our fans would be interested in helping choose the shot for the towel via Instagram Polls & sticker boxes. We had hundreds of photos to choose from, so we needed all the help we could get!

It's been an amazing design journey from the moment we took the shot, to picking the image with you guys, editing all the different style options, picking the image composition, receiving the samples and now launching the final product that YOU helped create!

So, now you're all caught up now!

This amazing design is available from 29th October & we know it'll sell out quickly! Set your alarms, tell all your friends and jump online this Friday to snatch one up before they're gone!

We're always grateful for our community but this experience has been so special & has really shown us the power of our tight-knit online world!

We cannot wait to see your reaction when they arrive in the mail- they are breathtaking in person!


Phoebe & Chris

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