Introducing: our BRAND NEW Will & Wind Hair Wraps

I am so excited to share these with you! Many moons ago I took these on as a side passion project (hair wraps aren’t Chris’ thing would you believe). I was fed up with my wet hair dripping onto my dry clothes, being off centre from the pull of a large towel on my neck and always struggling to get my shirt over my towel on my head! I got to work on solving my problems and started designing our first Hair Wrap sample.

Usually when we work on a new product it’s all hush hush, but when the sample arrived I had to show someone! (again, Chris isn’t majorly into hair wraps haha)
I jumped on my personal social media page and shared some photos and videos of Valli and I wearing them... little did I know, HOW KEEN everyone would be to have one as well!

I continued to share the design process and reached out to my beautiful community to help me with packaging ideas, colours, features and everything in between. The packaging was a major win as we discussed multiple options together, however we ultimately decided that there was no room for unnecessary waste that would just be adding to landfill. We kept it in line with our other Will & Wind products being reusable, purposeful, and ZERO waste.
They have done an incredible job and I am so in love with the final product! 

 The artwork featured on the reusable bags and the instructional card is from one of the amazing ladies who was a part of this design journey @elk_draws

I cannot thank the hundreds of women involved in creating these beauties enough, their thoughts, feedback, ideas, PATIENCE has been nothing short of amazing. We began this journey together 9 months ago in March 2021 and FINALLY we are ready, collectively, to share these with you all!

 Sustainably made using recycled plastic, in our signature buttery soft microfiber suede.

Available now in Pink, Blue and Charcoal



We hope you love them as much as we do!


Phoebe x

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