40 Uses For Your Will & Wind Towels

40 Uses For Your Will & Wind Towels

More then just a towel..

Our Sand Free Microfibre Towels have many, many uses.

Here are 40 (to name a few) sent in by YOU!

1. Rescue injured wildlife - from the kind man who rescued an injured cockatoo by loosely wrapping in a W&W towel and gently placing it in a box until help could be found.
2. Car window shade
3. Use it as a blanket - take them carry on, planes always get cold!

4. Soak up flooded houses - humble saviour of quite a few flooded situations

5. Dust sand/dirt off feet - Perfect caravan/camping/tent door mat
6. Clean your camera lens
7. Clean boat sounder screen
8. Clean your sunnies! 
9. Wipe the morning fog off the car windscreen
10. Dry the car after you've washed it
11. Dry the dishes! - Ok, might be a bit big, but if you're lacking tea towels..
12. Oven mit
13. Mop up spills
14. Hide snacks from your children in them
15. Picnic blanket
16. Yoga mat
17. Baby change mat

18. Bath mat
19. Protect yourself from the sun
20. Protect the steering wheel from the sun! - we accept no responsibility if someone breaks in to steal your awesome towel though
21. Wrap wet clothes in
22. Wrap fragile items in - cameras, wine bottles... important things
23. Wrap presents in - present within a present!


24. Car seat covers for wet bums
25. Car seat protectors for dogs
26. Dry the dogs!

27. Blind fold humans to get them to go where you want them to go
28. Make super hero capes
29. Test the wind direction - yes
30. CHANGE the wind direction - YES, it's been confirmed. Towel hung at top of sailing boat window to change the direction of air flow to provide breeze to sailors head instead of the roof. Genius.
31. Sweat towel for the gym
32. Hair wrap

33. Meat sack
34. Make a shade sail
35. Climb coconut trees
36. Wrap ice in for injuries - injuries not caused by climbing coconut trees
37. Hold beach treasures (shells)
38. Block noise, sounds, light from coming underneath doors
39. Make towel animals - Check out this turtle!

40. Dry yourself 

There you have it, 40 x more then just a towel!

Grab one for yourself and lets see what else they can do!


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