A little bit of life lately…

A little bit of life lately…

Hey guys, Phoebe here!

We’ve officially been living in Exmouth for 12 months! Can you believe it - after travelling Australia in our caravan for the past 4 years, we purchased a house on the Ningaloo and we’ve been pinching ourselves every day since.


We are on the water most days whether for a snorkel, sunset whale watching or feeding the family with squid and crayfish. It really doesn’t get much better!

Chris and I are LOVING school days haha, the kids love going to school and it gives us parents time to work (see images of us on the jetski in beautiful crystal clear turquoise waters, we promise this was for “work”) 😂 But also just for us to enjoy some time together in this busy season of our lives, which is currently filled with business, meetings, medical appointments, therapy sessions, kids, social lives and everything in between.


We’ve been attending online Auslan lessons with our deaf tutor, Darren every Wednesday night and it is honestly our favourite night of the week. Our sign language has developed amazingly and become so much more natural in our daily lives. Our 2 yr old daughter was diagnosed with sudden, profound hearing loss in May this year and this is how we communicate with each other. Auslan has changed our lives!

What else.. Jarrah is huge now! He still thinks he’s a baby but he is gigantic and tries to sit on our laps even though he has well outgrown them. We just love him so much.

We’re really loving life at the moment & are embracing the highs and lows as a family. We have to say thank you to our online community of fans & followers, we really feel so grateful  to have everyone’s support.

What are you guys up to? Leave a comment below, we’d love to be in the loop!

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