A Major Achievement

A Major Achievement

Here's an excerpt from an email I received over the break:

"...your donation & support made our Fundraiser a wonderful success and has allowed us to announce the final figure that was achieved! 

An incredible record breaking $115,911.77 

With your support this year, the event allowed Globe BD to achieve our goal, making a difference to the kids and families at Perth Children’s Hospital and also to host an enjoyable event for all attendees."


As I think about what we achieved as a business and a family in 2022 there are few moments that I am prouder of than this. We were able to help other families, just like ours, who are struggling and surviving through hearing loss.

On top of the Globe BD fundraiser for Perth Childrens Hospital, we also designed our very own LOUD shirts to raise money for Deaf and Hard of Hearing kids. 
We raised just over $8k from the profits of all LOUD tee's which we proudly donated to Telethon Speech & Hearing. 
These donations have allowed us to support one child with a 12 month scholarship at Telethon Speech and Hearing plus give many more children living with hearing loss access to auditory verbal therapy and early intervention programs to support their development. 

We're proud and grateful to be part of a community like this and it's even better that we're in a position with Will & Wind to contribute as we know so many cannot.

Thank you again to all of our loyal customers, followers, family and friends who have supported us during this time.

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