A Run Down On The Multi Towel

A Run Down On The Multi Towel

Introducing our Multi Towels! 

Multi towels being used in various ways


These have been a LONG time coming and by far the most requested product to make! We’re so amazed at how many of you guys jumped on the pre-order train and got your hands on our beautiful designs! 

We love them because they’re essentially a smaller version of our Beach Towels! They’re quick dry, multi-purpose, microfibre, sand free and sustainably made using post-consumer plastic bottles (rPET)!

We decided to feature our 4 most popular designs on these Multi’s: Kimberly (from our friends at Trip in a Van), Kalbarri, Black Sands & The Great Barrier Reef! They’re all so versatile and make the perfect gift for the person who has everything because they can be used for just about anything! 

Some of our followers have already told us what they’re going to use their Multi Towels for, so we’ve compiled a list of theirs & ours for you!

1. Leave them in your caravans/boats/cars for easy clean up
2. Wipe your camera lens
Wiping camera lens with multi towel
3. Clean up spills in the kitchen
4. Use as a mini gym towel
5. Dry your dishes

6. Use them on your kids as a smaller alternative to the larger beach towels (seriously, do this one if you have kids...it’s so cute!)

7. Kids mini mat at the park or beach
8. Use as a car shammy
9. Clean your sunglasses/phone surface

10. Use it to dry your pets
11. Car seat protection for your dogs if they’re going for a ride


We managed to sell out of The Great Barrier Reef & Black Sands in a matter of hours and have already had people request a restock ASAP! It’s safe to say that we’re stocked with the outcome of our new product! 

Thanks to everyone who jumped on the pre-sale, we’re so grateful for your support! Don’t worry if you missed out on your favourite design because we’ve got a few new products and designs arriving soon that we know you'll love just as much!  

Tag us in any photos of you and your Will & Wind products, we love seeing our followers using our products! 

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