Do Our Towels Actually Dry You?

Do Our Towels Actually Dry You?

The number 1 question we receive - 

“Do microfibre towels ACTUALLY dry you?” 

Instead of just saying ‘YES!’, I thought I’d delve deeper into HOW they work and WHY they are the best on the market! 

Microfibre is a blend of Polyester and Polyamide. The fibres are absolutely miniscule (think 1/100th of a strand of human hair) These tiny fibres are split during the manufacturing process, meaning that a single strand ends up looking like this:

Let’s compare that to a regular towel, their fibres look like this: 



If we asked you to list off the traits of a traditional cotton towel, you’d probably mention that they are: 

  • Heavy when wet 
  • Slow to dry 
  • Large/bulky

The reason for this is that the fibres in a cotton towel aren’t split during the manufacturing phase, resulting in the towel’s fibres being heavy and not able to soak up liquid effectively. 

The split fibres allow water/liquid to soak up in between each gap of the split fibre. This style of fibre provides liquid the ability to soak in and STAY in, rather than the liquid clinging to a small, flat surface (like the fibres of a cotton towel). 

Can you imagine how many microfibers (1/100th of a strand of hair) are in just one of our beach towels? The towels are 160cm x 80cm and contain BILLIONS of these fibres. Each fibre has bulk space to allow liquid in AND repel non-liquids. 


Will & Wind Towels can hold up to 7 times their own weight in liquid, they also dry (once rung out) incredibly quickly because of the open surface space and split fibres! 

There are many different types of microfibre towels on the market, all with different purposes.
When choosing a Microfiber towel look for these main things -
Quality (the ratio blend of polyester to polyamide)
GSM rating (grams per square M)
Split or unsplit fibres (absorbency levels)

There’s a reason Will and Wind towels work so well and are loved by people all around the world!
We use a high quality 80/20 blend, ultraweight 300 GSM, with split fibers.
To make it even sweeter, we use recycled materials and all of our designs showcase top notch photographs of Aussie landscapes and wildlife.

Hear from our customers when asked do Will and Wind towels really dry you?

Comment below and let us know if you knew this or if we’ve blown your mind with these facts!

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So amazing! I never knew that about the fibres- makes so much sense why your towels absorb more liquid than normal beach towels! 👏🏻

Liv Wilson

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