Thoughts On Downsizing...

by Mindy Mann
I feel like we as humans adapt to our living space. When we live in a large house we tend to find a way to fill it with ‘stuff’ and similarly, when we live in a tiny space we find a way to adapt.
After living in our tiny home for over 2 years we have found some awesome products that make tiny living simple. It’s amazing how a few simple product swaps can free up so much space.
One of our favourite swaps came when we discovered Will & Wind Travel Towels. You might not think so, but traditional towels take up a lot of room! We had an entire cupboard dedicated to beach and bath towels. We have since transitioned to Will & Wind and we cannot believe the amount of space we have saved. We can literally fit 5 Will & Wind towels to every 1 regular towel! That’s insane!
This is just one example of how a simple swap can have a huge impact. When your entire house is less than 10sq metres every cm counts. Living tiny wasn’t always easy. It took a lot of time to gradually let go of our possessions and learn what we really needed to live comfortably.
Learning to let go of your possessions can be such a freeing feeling. Downsizing our lives allowed us to move into our tiny home on wheels and we truely believe that having less has given us more. Its given us more location freedom, its given us the ability to spend quality time together as a family and most of all its given us financial freedom.
When we lived in a traditional house we were always collecting items whether that be new clothes, home decor or plants and I was shocked when I realised just how much all these things cost us. We as a family are now much more aware of our purchases and choose to buy good quality multipurpose items rather than cheap disposable things.
I love that this shift in our purchasing habits has also allowed us to support many small Australian businesses and often other travelling families like Will and Wind.
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