Embracing Slow Travel | A Midweek Getaway with Will and Wind

Embracing Slow Travel | A Midweek Getaway with Will and Wind

In a world that seems to spin faster with each passing day, our family recently made a conscious decision to hit the brakes and embark on a spontaneous midweek getaway. Breaking free from the constraints of our routine, work, and school, we embraced the concept of "slow travel" to savour the simple joys of life.

6am last Thursday... it was just another ordinary morning as we prepared for school and work. Chris and I were talking about going camping over the weekend, the kids overheard us and their enthusiasm took over. A glance between Chris and I led to a unanimous decision—why not go now? Could we? The decision was made! We gathered the essentials—blankets, pillows, a change of clothes, towels, food, and water—we were off for a midweek escape!

The Unplanned Adventure:
Choosing midweek for our adventure proved to be a stroke of genius. The beach campsite, typically bustling on weekends and holidays, was completely empty, offering us an entire stretch of shoreline. Perched on a ledge with a breath-taking 180-degree view of the ocean, we found ourselves in a private oasis.

With not another soul in sight, we indulged in the luxury of an undiscovered paradise. Swimming, playing music, kicking the ball around, cooking dinner under the open sky, watching the sunset—it was a day of complete bliss. The evening transitioned into a night spent under the stars, snuggled up in the open canopy of our car, feeling the cool breeze, taking a moment to appreciate our family and life as it is.

We woke to a beautiful crisp morning. With coffees in hand, we embarked on a morning beach combing walk during low tide—a two-hour exploration of the shoreline. The kids were so engaged in all the sea animals, the tide, spotting rips and currents, watching starfish eat urchins. This was their schooling for the day.

This midweek getaway left our family with a newfound appreciation for simplicity. It goes to show that the bare minimum can bring just as much joy, if not more, than elaborate plans or set ups. You don’t need all the bells and whistles to get away and explore.

Our midweek getaway served as a reminder that, amid life's hectic pace, there's profound beauty in slowing down. Embracing the unplanned, savouring simplicity, and revelling in the joy of togetherness, we created new memories that will linger long after the footprints in the sand have been washed away.

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