I was shocked to read this!

I was shocked to read this!

I came across this snippet from a website in regards to how often you should be replacing your towels – I was shocked when I saw they recommended every 2 years!!

But then I realised they were talking about regular towels.

* Not Will and Wind Towels *



The first sign they mention of needing to replace your regular towels is the diminishing ability to absorb water effectively.
With Will and Wind towels, this concern is completely irrelevant. Our towels are crafted using advanced microfiber technology, ensuring superior absorbency with every use. The ultra-fine fibers are designed to maintain their absorbent qualities even after countless washes and uses, allowing you to dry off effortlessly and efficiently, every time.
My favourite Will and Wind towel is my very first one which is almost 6 years old.

The second sign they mentioned was the towels starting to smell from bacteria growth.
I’m here to let you know that Will and Wind towels tackle that issue head-on. Our towels are antimicrobial which means they actively prevent the growth of bacteria and the subsequent yucky smells. So, you can enjoy using fresh towels, even at the gym, and not have to worry about bacteria or stinky smells.

The third sign mentioned was when towels start showing signs of wear.
Firstly – As a travelling, adventurous, outdoorsy family of 4, we built all Will and Wind products to suit our lifestyle.
If anyone is going to give our towels the ultimate test, it’s us! We take them fishing, camping, boating, drag them through dirt, climb rocks, carry babies in them, wash our dog, mop up spills, exercise, make cubby houses and everything else in between with them. Will and Wind towels were made to withstand the rigors of daily (or extreme) use and frequent washing.
Our towels maintain their structural integrity and appearance, keeping them looking fresh for many years to come.

So while I was baffled to read the recommended TWO YEAR lifespan of a regular towel, it also makes sense...
These regular towels were not built to withstand an active, adventurous lifestyle. They’re made to stay home, lay in a cupboard and be used for bath time only.

Will and Wind Travel Towels defy the traditional lifespan expectations, they’re durable, absorbent, and antimicrobial which keeps them fresh and odour-free.

So say good bye to the constant replacements of regular towels, if anything... replace them all with Will and Wind towels and enjoy the longevity, exceptional performance and enduring quality 


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I have a few of your towels, love them. Just wondering how I go about washing them if they get a bit grubby?
Nada 💕


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