Maximising Space | A Guide to Caravan Storage Solutions

Maximising Space | A Guide to Caravan Storage Solutions

Setting off on a caravan adventure with the family is an exciting journey, but managing space and storage efficiently can be a challenge.
This guide explores creative and practical solutions to make the most of limited caravan space, and how utilising multifunctional items can play a crucial role in optimizing storage.
Streamline Your Wardrobe:
Embrace a minimalist wardrobe for the road. Pack versatile clothing items that can be mixed and matched. Detach yourself from the feelings you have over items, be brutal with your culling. Cull once, and then.. cull again.
Add multi purpose hangers to your wardrobe to maximise space
(and it’s also pleasing to the eye)


Under-Bed Storage:

Make use of the space beneath beds for storage.

Invest in bed risers or choose caravan models with built-in storage compartments. Store items like shoes, extra bedding, or seasonal clothing under the bed.  

Utilize vacuum-sealed storage bags to compress clothing and bedding, maximizing space in closets and drawers. This is a great hack for travelling or in a house. Grab your storage bags HERE

Will and Wind recommends vacuum sealed bags for under bed storage

Foldable and Collapsible Furniture:

Opt for foldable or collapsible furniture for dining, seating, cooking, pots/pans, baskets etc. Look for innovative designs that allow furniture to be easily stored when not in use.


Multi-Functional Items:

Choose multi-functional items whenever possible. For example, a dining table that can also serve as a workspace or storage unit. Seek out kitchen gadgets with multiple uses to minimize the number of items needed. A rug that can be used as a blanket, a beach mat, a backdrop, a designated kids area. A Will and Wind Multi-Towel that can be used as a tea towel, gym towel, bath mat, car, camera, and sunnies cleaner.

Will and Wind Multi-Towel is multi functional for all uses

Vertical Storage Solutions:

Install shelves and organizers on walls to take advantage of vertical space. Utilize hanging organizers for toiletries, shoes, and accessories. Pretty Little Designs is a travelling family with great organisers for all areas of the caravan (and home)

Will and Wind recommends Pretty Little Designs to organise your space


Will and Wind Travel Towels:

Traditional cotton towels can take up a significant amount of space. Opt for compact and quick-drying travel towels from Will and Wind. These towels are not only space-efficient but also highly absorbent and perfect for beach days, showers, or impromptu water activities.

Will and Wind recommends Will and Wind lightweight compact towels for travel and saving space

Digital Solutions:

Minimize the need for physical books, maps, and entertainment items. Invest in e-books, digital maps, and streaming services. Use electronic organizers and apps to keep track of schedules, travel plans, and essential information.


Outdoor Storage Solutions:

Maximize exterior storage options, such as roof racks or rear-mounted storage boxes. Store items like camping gear, outdoor toys, or bulky items outside to free up internal space.


Efficient space and storage management is key to a comfortable and stress-free family caravan adventure. By adopting a combination of organizational strategies and utilizing innovative products like Will and Wind travel towels, families can create a cozy and clutter-free living space on the road.

With careful planning and smart packing, the caravan becomes a home away from home, where every inch is optimized for convenience and enjoyment.

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