Must Have | Will and Wind Kids Hooded Towels: A Mum's Perspective

Must Have | Will and Wind Kids Hooded Towels: A Mum's Perspective

As an outdoorsy, beach-going mum who loves exploring with my kids, the Will and Wind Kids Hooded Towels were a no brainer for our product range.
We’ve always been transparent that we only make products that we ourselves NEEDED, WANTED, DEVELOPED, TESTED, and ultimately LOVED.
If we didn’t see a purpose or love and use them ourselves… we wouldn’t bring them to market.

Our amazing kids hooded towels not only keep my kids warm in the wind after a swim, protected from the harsh sun, and give them privacy when getting change, but they also feature all the same great qualities of our signature Will and Wind Travel Towels.

The buttery-soft microfiber feels super luxxy, while the quick-drying properties keep the kids comfortable and cozy. I don’t even physically dry my kids anymore, I just chuck the hoodies on, and they’re free to jump, play, dance, even show off some backflips without the towel falling off. The hooded towels stay on, keep my kids warm, shield them from the wind, and provide sun protection, all while drying them off.

I love how the towels fold down so compact, they come with a free matching bag that can fit the towel, a change of clothes, goggles, sunscreen, snacks, and more. My kids wear the bag on their backs, taking ownership and responsibility of their belongings and freeing up my hands for other mum stuff.

There’s lots of different designs for the kids to pick from, turtles, manta rays, iconic Aussie destinations they may have visited. The vibrant colours of the sand, sea, and reefs, capture the attention of the kids. As a mum, I think the hardest decision is whether you get all the kids the same designs so there are no arguments, or do you get them their OWN so you know who left theirs wet and balled up on the bathroom floor???

My kids love that the Will and Wind Hooded Beach Towels are so incredibly soft! It adds to the comfort, making them actually keen to wear them after a swim. They come running up asking for “my hoodie please mum”
(the word please may have been added for motherly ego purposes)

Another advantage of the kids hooded towels is the privacy they provide when the kids are changing into fresh clothes. The oversize fit means they can comfortably change without any worries of people seeing them, making them feel super comfortable and secure.

So, from one mum to another - Let your kids embrace the simple joy of being a kid, playing and running around without having to worry about towels constantly falling down, all while staying warm and dry with a Will and Wind Kids Hooded Towel
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