Our New Personalised Travel Towels!

Our New Personalised Travel Towels!

You're probably wondering why you should be excited about another new towel..

Will & Wind have recently launched, personalised towels!

Yes, that’s right - send through your best and brightest photos!

You can personalise the towels with your family or pets, and have them customised to say anything you want! They're also a great gift for family, friends or even coworkers! There is nothing better than receiving something custom made - it’s so thoughtful!

Microfibre is super soft and even better when it's painted on with your own design!

Microfibre is a synthetic material that's both soft and absorbent. It's easy to clean, quick drying, lightweight and easy to carry around with you. Microfibre towels are stain resistant so your towel will stay looking fresh for longer.

You can also add anything else you want, just ask us! We can do custom orders and personalised towels and we will make sure your design looks great on any towel.

Wave goodbye to boring towels!

Towels are one of those things that everyone uses, but no one thinks about. They're boring, they don't have any personality and you may not even know what kind of towel you have until it's time to wash it. Towels are practical yet fun gifts because they're used frequently. The Will & Wind personalised towels are an excellent gift for anyone who wants to stand out on the beach.

We love to make our customers happy and that's why we have recently launched a new range of personalised towels. Our designs are printed directly onto each one so there's no risk of fading when washed over time like other printed fabrics might suffer from. Our new microfibre personalised towels will keep you cool and still look great!

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