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Look at us go, our first blog post!

Better introduce ourselves..

We are Chris and Phoebe Burnham, high school sweet hearts who grew up, got married and became parents to our two beautiful children, Haines & Vallis. We are just your every day Aussie family on a mission to make life that little bit easier!

Chris is an avid freediver, spearfisherman and bowhunter. Phoebe is into mountains, hiking and the outdoors in general. These hobbies have lead us on some crazy adventures travelling all over the world and more recently, our home country - Australia. In 2019 we sold everything we owned and entered the minimalist life on the road, living in our caravan - forever exploring.

Will & Wind came about from our constant travelling life; the suitcases, planes, boats, swags and now van life. The decision for which items were packed always came down to 'weight' and how much 'space' they would take up. We were sick of lugging around bulky towels, bringing sand home and having to pack damp towels into our suitcases when they hadn't completely dried. 

And so became our Sand Free Microfibre Towels.

We set out on a mission to make these essential items EASY to travel with, whether it was on a big trip or simply to the local beach. We took the weight out, and made them compact to save on space - without loosing the full size or comfort when in use. The fine fibres prevent sand and loose dirt from sticking and they dry in less then half the time of a regular towel.

To make it even cooler, we combined our hobbies with our passions - Travel & Photography, with each original Will & Wind design being a photograph we have taken on our travels.

'Inspired by patterns in nature'

We are so humbled by the support of our community surrounding us.
We have big plans and we'd love for you to come along on this journey with us!

Chris & Phoebe

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