Spotlight: Our Water Repellent Beach Mats

Spotlight: Our Water Repellent Beach Mats

"Using our Will & Wind Beach mat on the wet sand at low tide. 100% LOVE!"

The rugged versatility of the Will & Wind Beach mats make them perfect for outdoor conditions due to their water and mildew resistant qualities. You'll watch spilt drinks bead off, and wipe clean for an instantly dry mat.

The PVC underside prevents the mat from absorbing moisture from underneath and allows you to lay your mat down on any wet surface; wet sand, grass or mud, keeping you dry!

"Put them ANYWHERE, it doesn't matter how wet it is, you will still be dry and so easy to clean!"
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We've integrated a handle and straps into the mat for easy transportation.
Each mat comes with 4 metal pegs to keep in place on those windy days and a small towel inside the corner pocket to wipe up spills.
"Even when it rained, the water just rolled off and we wiped it dry" 

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