The Most Important Thing To Do After Receiving Your Will & Wind Order

The Most Important Thing To Do After Receiving Your Will & Wind Order

We receive so much great feedback from our customers, from the speedy delivery, how amazing they feel, how quickly they dry and how much space they’re saving in their homes, bags & travel vehicles. 

This time, we wanted to give you guys some feedback on the most important thing to do once you’ve received an order from us! 


Okay, hear us out! It’s not because they’re dirty or stiff/crunchy like other regular towels.. It's because our travel towels, multi-towels and hair wraps are all made with our signature microfiber suede. Microfiber suede is a blend of polyester and polyamide, and contains millions of teeny tiny fibres. When you receive your towels, these miniscule fibers are all ‘closed off’, once you wash and dry your towels the fibers open up and do a much better job at absorbing water.
(you can read more about how that works here) Basically - the more you use and wash your towels, the better they get! 

Even better than that, Will and Wind Travel Towels, Multi-Towels, Kids Hooded Towels and Hair Wraps are all sustainably made using post-consumer plastic bottles in the form of recycled polyester (rPET). But don’t worry - they don’t feel like shards of plastic! The recycled plastic bottles that have been pulled from our oceans and landfill are sterilised, dried and crushed into small chips. The chips are then heated and spun into a yarn, this yarn is then woven into our buttery soft Quick Dry, Sand Free, Ultra Absorbent Travel Towels, which you guys have said feel “super soft and luxurious” 

Our Beach Mats are a different story because their claim to fame is being water repellent, so a simple hose down and scrub when dirty is all that’s needed.

And look…if you forget to wash your products before using them, we won’t get mad, they’ll still work BUT we totally recommend one or two good washes to enjoy the full scope of benefits our amazing, eco-friendly products have to offer!

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See 'Care Instructions' here

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Hi guys, i love the hair wrap and mat that I have purchased although I find the hair wrap very small. I have thick curly hair and obviously a big head haha, but I cant use the wrap because of the size


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